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    Flirting with men is so funny and so easy. So, why do not we do that? A man recently wrote that it is true that flirting is a good way for women to attract men, but he was “But it’s a woman, the experience should be fun!”

    Men love it when women flirt with them! They love the fun of playful banter, the dance of contact with eyes and the pure joy of the unexpected surprises.

    Best of all is, flirting incredibly flattering. This is an indication of interest in other people, even if the interest is not romantic in nature. They know best flirt, how the other person feels, without expecting anything in return special.

    If you think your flirting skills improve, the people here are three tips that you flirt a SUPER attitude.

    First Flirting is playful, not serious.

    If you are a man a compliment, do you flirt? If you make eye contact, to count it as a flirt? If a stranger online, if you went to the pub, he was flirting? What exactly is flirting at all?

    Flirting is marked by its playful nature. You can be a serious flirt. Remember, as used in the elementary school boys to annoy you, and you used to tease her back? This is the kind of playful spirit, you are training, while flirting (although I guess someone pull pigtails!).

    A flirtatious encounter is usually composed of three elements:

    Humor (or white)
    Risk and
    An indication of interest.
    For example, a comment a funny way to start flirting with someone, but the first for a shift, you are even in danger of rejection. If your flirtatious comment pushes boundaries, and the risk that the other person is your sense of humor will find amusing.
    Start flirting you might find it unpleasant to put themselves in the weak position of the display her interest in another person, without knowing whether the person responding. Therefore, the next point is so important.

    Second The best practice flirting at all.

    You’ll never be a big flirt when you flirt with men you are. Flirting is one of the greatest joys of life, and it should, whenever and wherever possible. Flirt with the waiter in the cafe. Flirt with the bus driver. Flirt with the old man behind you in line.

    If flirting is a part of everyday life, rather than a specialized skill that you only apply if you meet a potential Mr. Perfect, you will find that the magic starts to happen. Make new friends easily. Touch the life of the party. They find it easier to make conversation with strangers.

    Best of all, flirting, of course, you feel, you will not feel uncomfortable when confronted with a handsome man, you get to know better. You feel confident knowing that other people do you flirt, she enjoyed. You will not have time to get nervous, because your flirting skills kick in and you start talking to you.

    But the best flirt in the world will not protect you from every one has to Flirt: rejection.

    Third Not personally reject.

    The only sure way to kill the spirit of flirtation is to see them than in terms of success and failure. As I said earlier, your goal is just to the other person feels, without expecting anything in return special. If the other person does not want you to return your comments, or winked back, it is not devastating to say as a playmate, that they do not want to play now.

    Fortunately, your chances of rejection are lower than you think. Most people go through life for a greater connection with others. If we are in a crowded elevator or waiting in line at a busy store, like most of us, someone who has a conversation with our launch. It can be such a pleasure to meet someone new, even if our conversation just a few minutes.

    Think about your flirting as a victim: Someone offers you the opportunity to bond, and if they do not want to absorb them, they simply offer the next person.

    Unfortunately, the art of flirting was so much that many people do not know what to do if someone flirting with them. They may feel uncomfortable and turn away or ignore the flirtatious glance or comment, because they have no idea what to do.

    If you have a playful attitude, flirting while you and practice it whenever and wherever they can, you will find that your fear of rejection, to remind you no longer can, why you take it let you take the first step disbanded.

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