21 Questions For a Boyfriend

Can you imagine a world without questions? How would relationships be without them? The answer: less comprehension and more misunderstanding.

Knowledge and understanding is necessary in any relationship, because they keep the fuel that confidence in life. In a romantic relationship, no trust means no intimacy and without intimacy of the relationship is definitely not romantic.

Couples understanding trust and thus a greater intimacy because of it. You will also feel more comfortable about their partner.

One of the main reasons why it is so difficult to recover from an amazing, because couples lose confidence and at the same time to solve intimacy. Questions about this infidelity can help a little more understanding and understanding of why it happened and also the restoration of confidence.

Below you will find 21 questions a man to understand and comprehend more about him and the relationship, and help asking for understanding, understanding and trust.

21 a man to ask questions:

1 – If I have an accident and be left with terrible scars for life, would you still love me?
2 – What is it me you best?
3 – How do you remember your “first love”?
4 – For me, what’s your best friend? (Without your mother and other family members)
5 – How do you remember my first impression?
6 – If you are looking for a celebrity who really likes you?
7 – Are you a virgin?
8 – you still have feelings for ex?
9 – What is your best kept intimate secret?
10 – How do you imagine the perfect woman? What are the characteristics?
11 – Who was your first girlfriend?
12 – How would you react if I was from another man?
13 – At what age do you want to marry?
14 – What is it that you do not like me?
15 – What would be your best reason to break with me?
16 – How will you react when the doctor told me that I have a deadly disease? Would you still love me?
17 – If I were too far away for many years, you will wait for me?
18 – If we have a child born with health problems, how would you handle this situation?
19 – What are your financial goals for the future?
20 – How and when will you know if I found the right one?
21 – Do you believe in God? Why?

This is the kind of “you” questions that you need, because their range of topics: finances, intimate, religious, health, etc.

Some of the difficult issues that your friend might be difficult to answer for it if you are not going to keep the reaction white. This is exactly as you realize what his real thoughts about you and the relationship, and that is exactly how to fix anything that might be a problem.

This is why premarital questions for couples are important: they help resolve problems before they arrive.

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