Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend

Cute nicknames to call your boyfriend, you can both laugh and have a good time, because the cry of a person by his real name again and again every day can be very boring. Although we all have our special love, there is no problem with a nickname.

A nickname can be short, to explain stylish, funny and easy. Call your friend with a nickname would be one of the best opportunities for an informal discussion. So what can the cute nicknames you call your friend? Nice name for your friend can somehow associated with the human personality and general behavior.

Big names to call your boyfriend

Dodo: A cute nickname for a cool guy
Lion: One of the most significant names, your friend, who is quite a wild and courageous man
Sweety: a good name for a man, gentle, attentive and caring
Apple: For a quiet guy who looks funny
Lord angry, even for a man of little angry at things
Smiley: One of the cute nickname to call your friend who is always smiling and happy
Rocky: For a tough guy with various interests such as rock music and adventure sports
Trendy: newest For someone who loves to dress in trendy or the latest fashion clothes and sports electronic gadgets
Lovely: A beautiful name for a man who loves you and is always full of surprises for you
Maddy: For someone who is a happy-go-lucky kind of person, and do strange things at times
Doggie: One of the best names to call your boyfriend loves the different dog breeds
Prince: One of the best nickname for a man who looks like a royal person and very nice
Shortie: a nickname for your friend not so long
Naughty: A perfect nickname for your friend about a lot of pranks on you and other people around him
Tun Tun: a nickname for someone fun-loving, adventurous and full of happiness
Tabby: A nice nickname for someone who is a little man, and speaks softly
Darling: A beautiful name for a loving and caring friend
Maggie: One of the cute nickname to call your friend, this is a beautiful and energetic
Cutie: As the name suggests, it is one of the big names is called your friend, is that guy a nice and lovable
Cartoon: Again a nice name for a fun and active man
Sporty: For a man who is interested and knowledgeable in all kinds of sports like football, basketball, chess, etc..
Filmy: A good nickname for someone who loves movies
Star: A great name for someone who looks good and fresh
Superstar: A beautiful name for someone who is excellent in all areas of life
You can also think of some cute names in French and other languages for fun. All the best!

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