Is He Flirting with Me

Flirt, they say, is an art of seduction. Most relationships start flirting, then friends and sometimes deeper bonds. Therefore, it really helps if the other person in order to begin to send the signals, so if you are interested, you can go back to flirt and have fun!

So it is for all women out there who are confused Below are the stages of flirting and a few tips on the different signals sent men, if they are interested in more than just friends.


Ah! Stare
One of the obvious flirting sign is that when a man talks to you, he keeps staring at you for a while. If his eyes still on a little longer than you feel, is the so-called “normal”, it means that he is interested in more than just friends!

A helping hand!
Most people have this innate desire to be a prince in shining armor, especially for a woman they find desirable! So when this cute guy in the office is always the first to come to your rescue when you need help, there is a clear sign that he loves you!

An ear for everything!
Well, we all know that men are the last animals on this earth to constantly listen to a girly or feminine! And even if they do, they will not retain the entire conversation! But all that changes when a man has his eyes on his object of desire! If a man flirting in, he will listen, then listen some more and you can ask different questions, so that you actually and can go on forever!

Do you often find him touching the shoulder or hand while you talk? He put his hand to you in a protective way, or the way sometimes harmless while suggestive? If so, then he is flirting with you!

Getting Personal?
One of the surest ways to tell that a man, if you are asked personal questions flirting. So if you ask them where you are or what. You do in your spare time or as you commute to live in college, it seems that he is interested in you and want to know a few things about you

Acting Funny?
Guys know that sense of humor is on most of the girls, the list of guys they date. So if this guy tries his best to make her laugh, jokes around you, tease or pull the leg, which is his way of flirting with you and you are interested in him.

Mr. Smiley?
A man’s body language is not much than a gal Note otherwise that guy in school, you have a crush on? Every time he used to walk past you, you go to him with a big smile on your face. The same happens with humans. If a man is interested in you, it is with a smile on his face. And if he is flirting with you, the smile a meaning behind it, you should smart enough to collect!

If you’re a man, you give your compliments the way you look or talk or work or anything he can imagine, it seems that he is trying to flirt with you. And between compliments, the man tried in a way too strong or the things he brings to lift it has from other emerging countries, it means that he is trying to promote itself to you to flirt, that’s another one character.

Buy a drink!
There are a few unwritten codes flirting all women should understand. If you offer in a bar and you’re a man a drink, it is very well understood that he! More than friendly

When it comes to flirting, is an important relationship advice for women that do not take it very seriously. The man directly behind the times, or they are interested, you never know. So if you like the guy, you can also find some great tips and get to see your own sweet time to walk the whole thing without getting emotional about it!

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