Long Distance Love Letters

Not all of us are lucky, our beloved all day, every day. Those who can maintain a long distance relationship can sometimes be a difficult task. But just because the popular story is that your long-distance relationship fall apart, does not mean that you can not prove them wrong! A lot of people keep their love for countless miles, just a relationship that is stronger when they are finally able to live together.

This long-distance love us by Felicia

Dear Louis,
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever believe this would ever happen. I never expected to fall so deeply in love so quickly.

It started last week with your first e-mail to me, “Call me, we need to talk!” I’m just trying to catch up with some friends, and I had the privilege of seeing, your e-mail in my inbox.

I wanted to wait a few days before calling you, but my heart had other plans. So I had a few hours later and it was to remember the beginning of this love story.

I remember we talked for hours about anything and everything. If you ask me to come visit to New York first, I was scared, but my heart told me. I decided to take a chance and see what would happen, but I never expected that we say before the meeting, that we love one another.

Now do not get me wrong, I believe in love at first sight, but I thought I would be the last person to be bitten by the bug. If you surprised me with a dozen long-stemmed roses last Wednesday, I got a confirmation that I love in my heart since Sunday also. If you said to me: “I love you” It took me a little tingle in the pit of my stomach. Something that I never felt before.

When we together on Thursday night for the first time that I knew you real and not a dream I was hoping true. The time that we spent together in NYC was magical and so romantic that I never wanted to end it. If you asked me to move NYC way I could say no? If you say that you wanted me to be your wife, how could I say no? Even though we live together now, I have faith that the season will all come to an end, and we will be together forever. I love you more than words ever show and I know you love me too. As the saying goes, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.” Well, my heart has always been and will continue to be very happy. I like it more today than yesterday, and I will love you more than I did this morning!

Love always,

Dream of the days when my lover lies next to me, just imagine my spirit in the sky, his touch. Every single part of it that I love. His beautiful brown eyes glowing, I can see my future in it. This beautiful brown I’ll never forget.

His lips, so smooth just begging for a kiss. The perfect color, the perfect shape and oh how I love to kiss your beautiful lips. The same lips, whispered: “I love you” hugged me and I am reminded of the passion.

The beautiful curve of his back, my hands lose control, I remember massaging your back, shoulders. Listen my love lament with every movement, every touch, every scratch, let me know that he was in a land of happiness, I offer day in, day out. Kiss and lick his knees, he shook and trembled with joy, I love him to lose control.

Remember when I hear about him, enjoying the sunshine on his skin … He reminded me of a statue sometimes. So beautiful, so perfect. Pure beauty. Remember twirled his fingers through my soft golden hair, he stared into my eyes, because we have a conversation speechless.

Memories of the morning I wake up next to him, put his arm around me keeps me warm. Can awake to see him and kiss him good morning, with a soft “I love you” was the first thing said. I remember being able to sleep next to him, wrapped up warm in his arms.

But this dream country no longer exists, I do not feel anything. All I feel is the pain of his absence, and a constant longing for my love that makes me crazy. A constant loneliness that never wears off.

The next time he will return into my arms seem like an eternity away.

These days, when I roll over, there is a cushion. When I look awe of my love, is all that remains of the wall. I remember when it was me warm, now there are only a blanket. My bed suddenly growing up without him next to me, my palm is empty without him here with them, and my heart is empty without him here to love me.

My mind is fried, everything I think about the next time I’ll find my love. I’m trying to stay strong, knowing that one day will return my love. Memories and the sound of his voice, the only things that go me, my desperate for his return. Oh, how I hunger for his touch, because even a simple view of the beautiful eyes. Think of the next time I’ll wrap my arms going around him and inhale the scent of his neck. When I feel his chaff scratched my cheek as I able to run my fingers over her shoulders and whispered, “Welcome home honey, I love you” into his ear. When I. Able to look in the eyes and kiss him, kiss look with this how much I miss him, how much I longed for him Every part of my body crave his touch.

Graze a simple finger tips would be enough to drop me to my knees.

I love you Michael.

Love always,

She looked at me by Lili

Dear Logan,

Since you came into my life, I’m so happy. The fact that we are a thousand miles away from each other, is not a problem at all because you are always in my heart. You told me that I was the right one. I can not tell you how good it made me feel you. I’m waiting for the day to make our dreams come true. I’ll wait a lifetime for you if you want me. Do you know why? Because you’re the only one who sees me, and I look forward to others. I hope you never stop to see how much my love is true for you.

Love always,

Come, come, come, my dear love.

16th June 1593 I have been waiting patiently for a whole day without news of you, and I count the time and that’s what it should be. But a second day – I can see no reason for not when my servants have grown lazy or been captured by the enemy, because I did not dare put the blame on you, my beautiful angel, I am confident your love – what probably was for me, for my love has never been greater, nor my desire more urgent, so I repeat this refrain in all my letters is: come, come, come, my dear love. Honored with your presence the man who, when he would be free to go a thousand miles to throw himself at the feet and never move from there. As for what happened here, we drained the water out of the ditch, but our weapons are not be available until Friday, when God willing, I’ll eat in the city. The day after you reach Mantes, my sister at Anet, where I will have the pleasure to see you every day. I send you a bouquet of orange flower that I just received. I kiss the hands Vicomtess [Gabrielle’s sister Fran Oise, when she was there, and my good friend [his sister Catherine of Bourbon, and as for you, my dear love, I kiss your feet a million times. King Henry IV of France

5 Tips for a Long Distance Love Letter
Letters and emails play an important role in the vitality of long distance relationships, so here are some tips that correspondence relations to strengthen even more.

1 Share how your partner makes you happy.

The two of you are not close enough to kiss or maintain noses, so that you can express your deep love with words. Share your loved one’s deepest feelings of happiness that they give you. List their qualities and say how much you appreciate them. The warmth it brings to your lover’s heart overcome any distance between you.

2 Bring you good memories.

Your friend reminded of the value of your relationship, about some of your favorite memories of the times you speak shared with them. The details of the meeting scents, colors and sounds of the events and activities in addition to mention themselves. It is to paint your loved the thought of the good times they had with you a picture, and their love will grow even stronger.

3 Express your wishes.

Since you can not enjoy your romance in person, you can always count more sensual elements in your love letter. How intimate you want to get off on the stage of the relationship and the tone of the letter. The hot and heavy stuff, while interesting, should not be included discussed in the same letter, the nice things or day-to-day worries. But if the mood is right, a love letter, which explore the depths of your romance is for your partner that you remember everything she could wish for and more!

4 Stay optimistic.

You can know how much you miss them talk, but one of the most important things in a long distance relationship is one of them, not in despair. Raise doubts as to whether you keep your love so far apart. In fact, you probably should mention how your love is so strong, you can not imagine how some distance between you. Maintain a tone of happiness in your relationship without acting jealous or hate.

5 Talk about your future together.

If you are in a long distance relationship, you and your partner are likely to live close to each other at some point in the future. Talk about how you can not wait to see it. Ecstatic about the things that you be able to do together. Remember to maintain all the things you are looking forward to discuss a positive tone in you. With such a future ahead of you, you are both happy to be further promoted persistently than before!

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