Moving in with Boyfriend

Moving with her boyfriend can these life-changing decisions. Give it a thought justified before diving too. Scan through the article attempts, luggage (unintentional pun) of the movement. To explore

A fair part of the crush and sort of scandals and disappointments in the relationship department all had, I feel really good for my friends in a healthy relationship. Well, I’m the only one that is not in a relationship (at least for now!) And 9 of my 10 friends, or friends (or perspectives) or occupied. This is a routine with my friends “relationship hear stories -.! Sometimes uneven terrain, and the beautiful area of ​​relationships that they maintain it is a joy to listen to them, I get a lot easier this total, there were quite normal day I received a call from one of my friends. “There are in our usual cafe 7.30 See you there.” before I could say anything, she just hangs. Wonder how it should be, I have a big deep breath. finished my day’s work, to go a few hours and then went for our usual coffee shop in the given time, you were already there, restless and burst appeared with his fear and excitement as soon as I established myself, she was almost crying.. “I am moving with my Friend! How big is it? “There you go, I told myself. Not that it is not expected, but the real news was a little shocked. I Won my composure and we talked about the impact of the movement with her boyfriend. Enter a few pieces of what our relationship issues complained about.
Moving in with Boyfriend

Advantages and disadvantages of moving in with boyfriend

Well, like everything else in a relationship, moving in comes with its own set of brownie points and pitfalls. Make an inventory of the two to follow in the text.

Benefits of a life before marriage
The bright side to be tackled first. Here also. At the beginning, when dating, you try sometimes, your negative aspects and the little quirks and everything is good to hide. If you start in life, you get this little eccentricity, cleanliness and maintenance of the house, as the person’s house and the whole list to know about such things. They live to know each other well. At the same time you develop your own personal space and it’s a routine. Most importantly, you can observe and learn each other’s habits, which is very important to know. Another very important thing is you get a kind of dress rehearsal, if you think about the marital plane. You get a good idea, how about getting married (wow this is not the most exciting part of the movement with her boyfriend?) Do you get is a good trip involved when the couple are not sure of the knots and will help them make a decision to achieve. The best part is that if you did not feel it worked, you can say bye bye. It can not happen in marriage.

So you think we came to the conclusion that life in rock or move in with her boyfriend? Not really, because that’s what we thought about the following relationship advice for women, with special moves.

Disadvantages of a life before marriage
There is the possibility that anyone can put off the wedding if he is comfortable with the current block. This may be be a friction between the couple to marry if the other person wants. To clarify the situation, a time limit be set. Another major disadvantage of living with the boyfriend that the novelty and excitement is taken away. The fun and romance in the whispering sweet nothings in his ear, because you have not quite hit once lost. If someone has a strict religious background, so that the gender factor chinks in the armor ratio. If a person spends more than the others, this is an important issue. In addition, some studies show that those who have been living together for some time, there is a chance that they will not end up married. A corrosive argument is that marriage as an institution, the foundation of the community brought as a result of the movement with her boyfriend before marriage as a whole forms.

The core of what we discussed primarily the consequences of such a step. After this serious talk about moving in with her boyfriend, we wondered about the lighter, but important part of the whole question.

Moving with boyfriend: Statement

  • There are a number of things you ladies need to remind you before the move into the marriage. For some it might be a very common thing and could not be much of a thought. But some who may well not be moved at this stage for such a decision. Here are a few little tips for all women, think of the marriage movement.
  • Emotional involvement is a major crush, even without a commitment. But please keep your emotional realm separated from the money part.
  • Decision on how the finances will be split to move. It would be unfair to women on both of you either as payment for the costs.
  • Before you move just the job, I mean, incidentally, not as an inspection!
  • Chalk one routine collisions avoided later who what to do. It is very important ladies. For example, you have to do the dishes in the morning, and he is the same in the evening.
  • Be careful not to lose your personal space, at the same time, however, take some time to go once a week and spend much time with each other outside of the house.
  • Remember to plan ahead for the future.
  • Be clear about what you may be skeptical, it is absolutely necessary.
  • It was only a little part of what we discussed, when my friend told me about the movement.
  • It was one thing that we discussed with moving boyfriend. I think perhaps should have been for something else, and yet. I asked my friend whether their relationship is stable enough and is ready for such a big step to take when moving in with her boyfriend. We divide the paper if it’s Pointblank sure of himself and the man, then she does what she wants without effort! So it is up to you to decide about life before marriage is good or bad!
  • All in all, my dear wife, the bottom line very closely and carefully considering such a move. Well, that was it! I think for those who will take a cue from this text on other movement certainly need! Go to the girls on the move!
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