Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Boyfriend

Scavenger hunt is always fun, no matter when and where they are kept, as it’s always the thrill of the hunt, go to that people get. If you have a large group in this beloved object go at the end, after a series of clues that keep everyone pumped. I remember when we were kids and my oldest sister would do this mini treasure hunt at home running around like crazy people decipher instructions and discover the hidden messages.

Finally, it leads to the treasure, mostly chocolate, dessert post lunch. With a friend, it’s obviously different. You can be cute and sexy all at once mysterious in planning a scavenger hunt, or you can try other ways, coy.

Good scavenger hunt ideas for a friend

Have his birthday, a random day of the week if you like experimental to show your man how much he means to you, a birthday, a promotion or something that he would now draw tell him how proud you feel – You get ideas on how to make a scavenger hunt to lead something special.

Rose Petal Trail
If you have the key to his apartment, it would be the sweetest treasure hunt idea at all. If in his place, beginning with the placement of a trail of petals two steps into the house, and leave it to the bank, where they are first clue him go, telling him that anyone would extraordinary love a lot and if he wants to find who on the way to the next clue. Annoying the way to him and Rose after they go in the whole house, with a little funny notes and cheeky messages to him. Forward in the hunt The last place the roses complete way to find out his bedroom, where they will be a great gift him with a big bow and shiny. Once you hear him go into the room, jump out of the box and scare him (Victoria’s Secret lingerie is your go-crazy, sexy options). The room with scented candles can intimate petals adorn the leaves and chilled champagne / wine on the bedside table bedside table.

Message in a Bottle
Buy parchment paper or just regular paper, charring the goals to make them look old and faded. Extra mile to look at actually, mix two tablespoons of coffee with one part water (a softer brown color indicate on the paper) and gently dab it on thick graph paper to him worn a tan effect, where you make it look char marks and Age. Barnyardgrass clues about it, and roll it and put it into the mini-bottles (you can use any kind, including plastic will do). To call him at least 10 orders numbered bottles are found in order. If not, the information does not make sense. Make it even crazier, 9 Sure where to say that the last reference in the park or on the beach ends. The 10th Idea will be to you, set only with a big picnic (or barbecue), perhaps because all his good friends the moment for him.

Candlelight hunting
To say a reference to his apartment door that once. His feet in his seat, he light the next candle and search for other candles in the room light that has lead the way for further instructions Place the candles in such a way that you give it a direction to other candles with a similar scores what. Specific to candles in a row Once he lights the last candle, let gift waiting for him (especially her) with a different tone, he should come to see you at such and such. Room for an even bigger surprise As soon as he is to this end, you can plan an extravagant party for him, attended with his family and friends.

The scavenger hunt ideas in an endless series of suggestions on how you will execute your husband surprised with one-of-a-kind gestures only his heart feels twice as big. Nothing too complicated or you can do to open space for margins. Instead, make it easy, fun, playful and above all.

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